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Tip of the Week: Taking a Break from Social Media


In the relatively short time it has been around, social media has fully ingrained itself into our lives, personally, professionally, and socially. While there are considerable benefits to be had in all of these areas, it is also undeniable that social media can easily become overwhelming and negatively impact us. For this reason, occasionally taking a break from social media isn’t a bad idea. Let’s go over a few ways to make this break as successful and effective as possible.

How to Undergo a Social Media Detox

There are plenty of reasons that you might want (or need) to step away from social media for a time. From stress reduction to time management to improving focus, even a week away from social media has been shown to provide measurable benefits.

 Here are some tips to help ensure you are able to embrace these benefits.

Don’t Necessarily Go Cold Turkey

It may not be feasible for you to totally cut social media out of your routine, so don’t think that your detox needs to be an all-or-nothing thing. You might start off by reducing your social media time incrementally, setting limits and increasing these reductions as you go. It can also help to set aside scheduled time to check your profiles once your detox has ended.

Use Your Phone’s Time Limiting Features

Generally speaking, modern smartphones come with features that will prevent you from spending too much time on any given application. Tying this back to the previous point, try using these capabilities to gradually cut back on your allotted time.

Uninstall Your Apps

Once you’ve progressed to a full detox, there’s no reason to keep the application on your mobile device just tempting you. Uninstall them, and then consider if you really need to reinstall them after your detox is over.

Be Mindful of the Draw Social Media Has

During your detox, whatever shape it might take, make sure you take a few moments to think about what it is you miss about social media—or what’s tempting you to log back in. Are you more tempted while you’re on your own? Try reaching out to a friend or family member, or take a walk.

Buddy Up

Speaking of friends and family members, the accountability that comes with undergoing a detox with someone else can help make it more successful. Whether you’re simply reporting back to them, or actively participating in other, offline activities with them, having someone else in your corner can help a lot.

Social Media Can Be Great… In Moderation

It may sound odd to hear it coming from an IT company, but maintaining a balance is important. We hope that this guide will help your next social media detox be more successful.

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